NetTime Server

To operate a NetTime CS Network, NetTime Server needs to be installed on one of your PCs. It does not have to be a dedicated server but should ideally be a staff controlled PC away from the public.

Trial versions have a Time Limitation of 21 days, following which you must register your software and purchase a license if you wish to continue using it.

NetTime Server is also limited to 50 Client connections whilst being trialled.

Extended trials can be made available upon request.

Download NetTime Server 3.04

NetTime Client

NetTime Client needs to be installed on every PC that the public will be allowed to use. NetTime Client is the authentication gateway.

All users wanting to use a computer and hence the Internet will need to be logged in. A member of staff can log a customer in remotely, a customer can enter their username and password, or they could enter a coupon for prepaid time.

Download NetTime Client 3.04